What is an Altcoin?

In simple words, the altcoin is a combination of two words: alt and coin. The world alt means alternative and coin stands for currency. When these two words are arranged together, they create altcoin which is an alternative for Bitcoin. Like most of you know, bitcoin is one of the biggest digital currencies that exist in today’s generation. Once bitcoin became a success, many peer currencies generated and an alternative to bitcoin and became a part of the digital currency growth.  

Altcoins – a building block for bitcoin

Several altcoins have also been used as important building blocks of bitcoin. A few of them have a distinct policy which is built within the currency itself. It also allows various other uses and treatments at the same time. One more interesting fact to note about altcoin is that it functions differently when you compare it to Bitcoin. A few of them deter GPU. Apart from that, altcoin could store different data on the transactions of the coin and also keep the coins stashed in a way that it can be used as a substitute in the future. Since Bitcoin was initiated, around 500 altcoins were formulated. A few of them were Vericoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin and many more. 

What is the first altcoin called?

The first one is known as namecoin. The biggest reason why this came into existence was to decentralize the registrations of all domain names that had caused internet censorship to become more challenging. But, namecoin also continued to function just like any currency. If you want to learn more about other altcoins, here is a look at some of them:


Litecoin is an Internet currency. It is the peer currency of bitcoin and is trending immensely these days as it allows instant and almost zero cost payments to people across the world. Litecoin is a quick and open-source that manages global payments and its networks from authorities that are decentralized. Mathematics also secures the network and also empowers individuals to manage their finances and terms. Litecoin allows easy and fast transactions and improved storage of efficiency that also leads to a math-based currency. With the help of industrial support, you can also trade liquidity and volume.  Now it is a proven and important medium used as a substitute for Bitcoin. 


Vitalik Buterin was the first who bought the concept of Ethereum into existence. It came after Bitcoin and is very similar to it. It works as a network that is blockchain in nature. However, it does have a few technical differences here and there. One of the biggest differences is the fact that Bitcoin and Ethereum are different in terms of purpose and capability. The bitcoin blockchain is taken to track digital currency ownership and is required only for a certain application of technology. On the other hand, it is only used for programming. 

What is its fundamental innovation?

The core innovation is called Ethereum Virtual Machine which is a software that allows people to run the programs no matter what the language is. Whatever is required in such cases is enough for a time as well as memory. This machine is considered more straightforward and efficient compared to other options It also allows you to develop several applications instead of getting one blockchain for every new purpose. Other companies that explore this option also include JP Morgan, Microsoft, and Samsung. 


Ripple has always attracted the biggest deal when it comes to venture capital. It also gives you the best global settlement requirements and solutions so that you can exchange value and information. Ripple has also helped reduce the complete payment costs by letting the banks transact in seconds. Ripple is also fast and energy-efficient compared to Bitcoin. Apart from that, it also works as a centralized exchange of currency. 


Dash is also called Darkcoin. It is a combination of two words. D stands for digital and ash stands for cash. It can easily be dubbed as ‘cash in hand’ on the internet. Dash is very quick and easy to use and the transactions are also instant. Dash is a simple version of Bitcoin and also considered to be a secretive one. The network here is centralized and it makes all the transactions difficult to trace. However, if you want to send and get cash digitally, this would be the best option to choose from. 


Monero was initially created to manage and deal with all privacy-related features that don’t exist in Bitcoin. It works perfectly for those who have great anonymity. They also have the best signatures that are ensured in transactions that cannot be easily traced. 


Fatcom is described as a record system that can’t be changed. Once it is distributed to ledger technology, it creates a layer on the Bitcoin technology that increases several records with the help of hash used a separation. Fatcom is also used in  government and business to document all important details that cannot be modified, deleted or backdated. Therefore it is used to maintain privacy within the world that is digital. 


Stellar is known to provide the best payment services in the category of altcoins. It is perfect for individual users. Currently, Several companies control the sector of payment and change high fees at the same time. Apart from that, Stellar also offers 5-second transactions that are used for nominal fees. Stellar also doesn’t require any sort of verification. You won’t have to deal with any kind of energy consumption in this case. Stellar has been used among many partnerships with the help of huge tech companies such as IBM. Stellar is doing insanely well at the moment and is guaranteed to do even better in the future. 

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