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Is Bitcoin Legal In Canada?

Is Bitcoin Legal In Canada

Is Bitcoin Legal In Canada? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have provided immense opportunity for Canadians and people worldwide to invest in something that can revolutionize the entire financial industry. Many people have witnessed huge gains in the last decade and bitcoin Canada has been doing pretty well too. In the initial years after bitcoin was first launched, there was a…

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Bitcoin Profit

 Bitcoin Profit

 Bitcoin Profit Bitcoin Profit  Technology progresses at exponential speeds and it transforms the world again and again. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, we have seen countless technological revolutions that have changed the way we work and live. For the most part, our lives have become more convenient and comfortable due to this. As we venture further into the…

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Bitcoin Investment in Canada

Bitcoin Investment In Canada

Bitcoin Investment In Canada   The technology industry has probably created more wealth than any other sector in history. The people who got in at the right time during the dot com bubble in the 90s reaped huge returns. Similarly, those who got involved in the smartphone revolution saw gargantuan wealth creation. We are at the cusp of another such…

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Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin Halving 2020: What You Need to Know

Bitcoin Halving 2020: What You Need to Know Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming the talk of the town throughout the world. In Canada, bitcoin is especially seeing immense popularity which is poised to lead the Canadian cryptocurrency market to prominence. It’s already one of the most important bitcoin markets in the world. However, every new piece of technology comes with its…

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Canadian bitcoin exchange

Canadian Bitcoin Exchange

Canadian Bitcoin Exchange Cryptocurrency is still an evolving landscape and the various elements of this ecosystem are still being built. Since bitcoin and other cryptos are a global phenomena, anyone can participate and invest, no matter what country they belong to. Also, since it is a nascent industry, the potential for future reward is quite considerable for most people. The…

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Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price – 2020

Bitcoin Price – 2020 Trends Bitcoin price: Roughly 11 years ago, on October 31, 2008, an anonymous individual or a group of individuals, with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, published the whitepaper for Bitcoin online. In it, bitcoin was described as a peer to peer electronic cash system, based on blockchain technology. Less than three months later, on January 3, 2009,…

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How Do How Do Bitcoin Exchanges Work

How Do Bitcoin Exchanges Work

  How Do Bitcoin Exchanges Work – As the interest for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies grows, it is important to understand how the technology driving them works. It’s also important to understand the ecosystem as a whole. The reason is that you are likely going to invest money that you want to grow in the future. As your money is hard-earned,…

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RRSP bitcoin

Holding Bitcoin In Your TFSA and RRSP

How to Hold Bitcoin In Your TFSA and RRSP Holding Bitcoin In Your TFSA and RRSP – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are proving to be great investments in recent times. Investors all around the globe are therefore trying their best to find different avenues to get involved. Some buy bitcoin directly on exchanges while some prefer peer-to-peer networks. Some use…

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how to buy bitcoin

Easiest way to get bitcoins in Canada

Easiest way to get bitcoins in Canada Easiest way to get bitcoins in Canada Canadians have always welcomed Bitcoin even though they have been known to be very conservatives investors. A report published by the Bank of Canada, (BOC) in 2018 Survey: “Awareness and Usage,” made several discoveries. One of  notable findings is that approximately five percent of Canadians are…

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Should You Buy Bitcoin Right Now

Should You Buy Bitcoin Right Now?

Should You Buy Bitcoin Right Now? One of the most frequent questions that newcomers to the crypto world have is when to buy bitcoin.  Naturally, people want to get in at the lowest price. This is so that when they make their exit, they can make the maximum return. Also, traders or investors don’t want the prices to crash after…

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canadian crypto exchange

Role of Canadian Crypto Exchange In The Future of Crypto

Cryptocurrency are at that point where they are about to explode into the mainstream. If you are knowledgeable about the history of other technologies, you will come to the same conclusion yourself. That is why it is so important to be equipped with the relevant information. For instance, you should know the critical role that the Canadian crypto exchange will…

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