You don’t need a university degree to trade in Cryptocurrency.

When you think of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, you immediately think of a suit and tie, a business suit maybe with a briefcase and coffee in hand walking down Bay street.   That is not the case when it comes to digital currency. You don’t need to do a four year university degree to understand how to buy and sell Bitcoin. What you need is information that is easy to understand in everyday vocabulary which anyone can interpret.  Buying, selling, Bitcoin, Litecoin, hot wallets, blockchain are all new terms that you will be familiar with, it will make sense once you dive into the digital currency world.

To be called an expert is not an everyday occurrence, especially when it’s something that’s relativity new like digital currency.  Starting something new always has a learning curve but with PCCEX we make that curve more like a smooth learning ride.  

No confusing data, no confusing content and easy to use interface, you will learn and trade like an expert.

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