Buy Bitcoin in real time with the Advance Trading tab.

If you are an experienced trader or just getting into the cryptocurrency world, advanced trading can help you see bids and buy or sell in real time. This tab makes it easier for the user to see exactly what they are getting and at what price. You can think of it like going to a grocery store, you see what you like, the price and are able to put it in your cart and check out at the cashier. This is the case with advanced trading – You look at what digital currency is selling at and how much is available, also you are able to buy or sell by a push of a button.

There are limit orders and market orders available under this tab. A market order is a transaction that is meant to be completed at a faster pace at the market price. A limit order sets the minimum or maximum price at which you are willing to buy or sell. You can think of the market order as going to the store and buying a product at the listed price and a limit order like buying something online off Ebay where you are putting in a bid.

It’s a cool tool to have on a cryptocurrency platforms because it provides a clear picture of whats available on the market at any given time. It also helps you track your order history so you know what transactions you have done in the past and for how much.

PCCEX makes a friendly interface for users to clearly see and understand what digital currencies are available to buy and sell.


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