PCCEX is a proudly Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. We love this beautiful nation of ours and are proud to have built our company here.

PCCEX was founded in Mississauga, Ontario in 2017 by a group of tech savvy investors who understood and believed in cryptocurrency. It first started as a local OTC cryptocurrency exchange, buying and selling bitcoin and other digital currencies.

While dealing with clients in person, PCCEX discovered that majority of the questions were the same, people want to buy cryptocurrency but just needed guidance and help!

How do I get involved in cryptocurreny? Is bitcoin legal in Canada?  Can I buy things with bitcoin at the store? Are some of the questions we would be asked.

Online exchanges were too intimidating and complex, it was difficult for any newbies to enter the market and buy Bitcoin. Thus, we decided to build our own cryptocurrency exchange and vowed to help all our clients understand cryptocurrency and how it can benefit them. We know the struggles we went through and we want to make it easier for you.

Cryptocurrency is the future and we are here to help you understand it from your perspective.

Proudly Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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