Intro to Bitcoin -Seminar in Mississauga


I know what you’re thinking, 

“I have been hearing about this “bitcoin” for sometime and years later I now ask myself, should I buy Bitcoin??”

Well…. Bitcoin is becoming progressively popular across Canada and the entire world! A US survey done in the US 2020 by HSB, showed that about 36% of small to medium sized businesses accept Bitcoin as payment. Furthermore, there are many major Companies that have implement Bitcoin as payment


Major Companies Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment


bitcoin payment
bitcoin payment





Burger King






Dallas Maverick

Virgin Galactic

Norwegian Air

And many, many others


However, even though many people in the world have heard of Bitcoin, it still remains mysterious to many people. Some common questions are;


Investing in Bitcoin in Canada 


What is Bitcoin?

How does Bitcoin work?

Is bitcoin legal in Canada?

Is bitcoin profitable?

Where Can i buy bitcoin ?

Is there Tax on Bitcoin?

Are there alternatives to Bitcoin?

So now the question is, do you want to understand Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain? After all this time, are you up to that challenge to finally get involved?


Bitcoin Seminar in Canada
Bitcoin Seminar in Canada

PCCEX’s Intro to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Seminars 


Since 2018, PCCEX has been hosting interactive meetups on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Our speakers are experts in the blockchain & cryptocurrency field and will identify the basics of Bitcoin/Blockchain. In our seminars, we refrain from using technical jargon, where you need some sort of degree or certification to understand what is being said. Instead, we use plain simple language that will unmask common terminology used in the digital currency realm. 


Learning about Bitcoin in Canada
Learning about Bitcoin in Canada

Who are these Seminars for?


Our seminars are targeted at all levels of Bitcoin investors



Advanced level,


In addition to understanding the basics of Bitcoin & cryptocurrency, our seminars will help you;


Create bitcoin wallet 

Send and Receive Bitcoin

How to use Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Basis of bitcoins advance trading 


Learn the history of digital currency, how it works, and how an increasing number of investors and businesses are using it.These seminars, will analyze both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (altcoins) as potential crypto investments, based on underlying fundamental and technical analysis used over the years.


We invite anyone in Mississauga and GTA who is interested in learning how to make money with cryptocurrency trading to attend.  Our seminars are held in downtown Mississauga. 


Receive FREE Bitcoin!


Bring your laptop/tablet/iPad and trade with bitcoin. When you attend you will receive Bitcoin so that you can get the full experience of buying, trading and sending Bitcoin!!


Our next Seminar will be held across from Squareone shopping centre in Mississauga @Venture X – 4308 Village Centre Court, L4Z 1S2




6:00pm to 6:15pm– Registration & Refreshments

6:15pm to 6:45pm– What is Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

6:45pm to 7:15pm– How to create a wallet & send/receive Bitcoin

7:15pm to 7:50pm– How to buy and sell coins on exchanges?

7:50pm to 8:00pm– Q&A


Admission: FREE!

Come and attend this event and familiarize yourself with digital currency.  In this world that is ever changing, you need to be up to date with technology that is shaping our future.

We hope to see you there!

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