The Bitcoin industry is only now getting popular. Up till now, it was mostly limited to tech enthusiasts. That is typical with any new technological innovation. Over time, however, technology always spreads around to become mainstream if it brings value to people. The same is happening with crypto as well. In Canada, people who are not involved with tech are also beginning to ask about Canadian crypto exchange.

Bitcoin experts believe that slowly but surely, bitcoin will become as mainstream as More and more people are beginning to invest their money into crypto like bitcoin. It is evident from the Google search volumes on phrases like “buy crypto Canada”. But, as an investor or a trader, there are many things you should think about. There is a long list of things to be cautious about. However, safety should be number one.

Crypto Exchange Safety Is Number One Priority

Your money is hard-earned and you should do everything to protect it. When you invest in Bitcoin or trade it actively, you should ensure that it is safe. Safety of your funds should be your absolute number one priority. There are many horror stories out there of people losing their funds due to negligence. There are also terrifying instances where people have been hacked and lost their crypto.

You should make sure that doesn’t happen to you. And the only way to do so is by “doing your own research”. This is actually a popular term in the crypto industry. When it comes to a particular cryptocurrency exchange, you should only get involved after doing proper research.

There are a ton of resources available online that will guide you in your decision. There are also many public forums where you can contact other industry participants directly. Make sure you have all the information at hand before you finally decide upon what to do.

Canadian Bitcoin Exchange – Safe?

Canada, for the large part, has done well when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption and regulation. In a report by the central bank, it was found that at least 80% of Canadians know about crypto. For bitcoin Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, etc are the main hubs.

Also, thanks to timely regulations, the Canadian crypto market is much safer. Canadian cryptocurrency exchange already has clear guidelines about how their compliance obligations. Measures like this weed out the scam artists. However, some nefarious actors might still try to get through the cracks. Thereby, you should do your proper research before making an account on a Canadian crypto exchange.

Signs Of Bitcoin Pump and Dump Scams

At PCCEX, we comply with all the applicable laws and regulations. We believe in offering our customers the best in class services while ensuring their safety. Our state of the art back-end technology helps ensure the safety of your funds. We also have a great selection of coins that we believe are the safest to invest. Over time, we vet more crypto to add to our list. We hope you enjoy your crypto experience with us.

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